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ZinPlus 3 in 1 series which is applicable to ZinPlusZinSpanZinEverroof and ZinCurve, is created with its astonishing design ad multiple advatages. Its extra double layer of Expanded Polyethylene Sheet (E.P.E.) and Aluminium Sheet (A.F.) has a proven remarks of creating cooler admosphere and reducing raindrop noises. A greater lighting effect is an added advantage as the aluminium sheet serves to reflect lighting flares.

Polyethylene (P.E.) is a thermal plastic material which can be recycled. Polyethylene foam is manufactured without the use of ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) or hydrochorofluorocarbons (HCFC's). In any case of burnt, polyethylene changes into non-polluting substances; carbon dioxide, water ad wax.

 Suitable For :

  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Factory Buildings
  • Hostels
  • Long Houses
  • Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Quarters
  • School Buildings
  • Shop Lots
  • Warehouses


  • Strong heat resistant system
  • Reduce raindrop noise
  • Classy look and increase lighting system
  • Save extra labour cost
  • Save insulation plate
Sectional Dimension
TOLERANCES : Length: 0-10mm | Width: +/-3mm | Thickness: +/-0.03mm


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