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Zinlok gives a traditional appearance coupled with excellent span characteristics. It has a high rib for non-punctured roof system to provide clean line with no unsightly screws. ZinLok prevents slow corrosion to the connection points and retains its structural integrity.

 Suitable For :

  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Factory Buildings
  • Hostels
  • Housing Projects
  • Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Quarters
  • School Buildings


  • More economical to install
  • Designed for almost flat roofing with minimum roof pitch of 2 degrees
  • Interlocking panels for maximum wind resistnce
  • Deep ribs provide excellent water carrying capabilities
  • Extensive range of colours available for selection

 Sectional dimension

TOLERANCES : Length: 0-10mm | Width: +/-3mm | Thickness: +/-0.03mm


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