ROCKWOOL Cool 'n' Comfort RL 920


ROCKWOOL Cool 'n' Comfort RL 920

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ROCKWOOL stone wool products are non-combustible with a melting point more than 1000°C. They are particularly suitable for thermal insulation, fire protection and sound reduction or absorption.
 Cool ’n’ Comfort RL series is a non-combustible light weight thermal insulation solution for single skin roofing system. It is available in roll form for ease of installation over large areas and manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, with or without foil facing, suitable for thermal insulation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Good recovery and handability
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Durable, and lasts for a lifetime of a building
  • Improve comfort with thermal insulation
  • Reduced installation costs as a result of insulation damage by water
  • Dampening the noise and vibration from external sources and rain impact noise


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