Gypsum Board Topline
Gypsum Board Topline


Gypsum Board Topline

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TOPLINE Gypsum Board is a standard gypsum board with ivory face paper that displays a smooth surface. It has superior thermal insulation and non-combustible properties that are compliant with international standards.

Made in 100% natural gypsum. Suitable to be used in dry areas ceiling applications.

Key facts

  • Lightweight
  • Quality standards certified (BS, EN, ASTM)
  • Class O material
  • Easy to handle and cut
  • Installation based on specifications
  • Minimal joints with no additional reinforcement
  • Engineered with precision technology
  • Built using green and eco-friendly materials

Gyproc TopLine® is ideally used for interior ceiling systems with specific thermal, structure and acoustic levels.

Its applications include:

  • Direct mechanical attachment to steel framing on ceilings.
  • Attachment to existing surfaces using fasteners or adhesives.


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