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Zin Mesh Roll Reinforcement Concrete is manufactured from hard drawn steel wire for the construction and pre-cast industries. The main and cross wire of the fabric are welded rigidly together by an auto-electro welding machine at constant spacing.

  • Zin Mesh Roll is an efficient, economical and viable option for concrete reinforcement
  • Save time and money using mesh roll over standard rebar methods.
  • Wires are welded in a mat so that wires do not move when concrete is placed, ensuring the wires are in their proper position.
  • Rolls are designed to fit most light-weight reinforcing applications.
  • The optimum reinforcement is provided through the use of variable wire sizes and spacing.
  • Zin Mesh Roll provides the exact size of reinforcement where needed through variable bar size and spacing, thereby reducing steel waste.
Suitable for
  • Slab on Grade Reinforcement Floor
  • Walls Systems Topping Slabs
  • Architectural precast wall panels
  • Tilt-up construction wall systems
  • Shear walls
  • Retaining walls


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